Founded in 2021, we firmly believe that managing business finances should not be complex. Instead, we view it as an essential element in facilitating the sustainable growth of online businesses. It is the foundation of your business success, enabling you to evaluate your current situation and identify the necessary adjustments required to reach your future goals.

Your strategic partner for financial success 

Accounting and CFO services for online entreprenuers.

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A few things to note:

  • We are not your typical financial partners.  We're here to help you increase your business's profitability and build wealth while staying tax-savvy. We understand your unique challenges and your longing for a business that supports your dreams.

  • Your business should support your life, not the other way around. Our proven strategies and system prioritize your personal goals and align them with your business goals. We prioritize your life above all else.

  • We know the path to your next level is paved with data. That's why we specialize in simplifying your data – all of it. With us, you'll gain clarity about your business's financial health, enabling you to make strategic moves with confidence.

  • We believe that wealth should be accessible to everyone. You're in charge of your knowledge, your wealth, and your future, and we're here as your financial allies.

  • We strongly believe that time is more valuable than money. Our primary goal is to ensure that the business you are building incorporates leveraged offers, allowing you to maximize your earnings while minimizing your workload. 

This is where we come in.

As an extension of your team, a financial powerhouse, your secret weapon to take your business to the next level.

We have supported hundreds of entrepreneurs through our forward-thinking framework, to create a comprehensive financial strategy that will take your business to the next level while giving you the clarity and confidence to make decisions along the way.

To date, we have helped our clients generate millions in revenue and profit.

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Industries we work with

Online Businesses - Coaches -
Course Creators - Consultants - Influencers - Thought Leaders - Agencies

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We primarily work with service-based businesses. 


Jenni Fox is amazing. She is revamping our procedures to streamline. As the head of an incredibly fast-growing company, I find Jenni’s organizational skills and thinking ‘out of the box’ invaluable.

Kim Brattain 

Jenni's CFO services have completely changed the game for me, my business, my family, and my legacy. Her ability to make sense of the numbers is second to none — but it's her incredible knack for uncovering and understanding my GOALS (both personal and professional) and working to align my business with them that set her apart. I would unreservedly recommend Jenni to any and every small business owner I know. Snatch her up before she's booked out. You won't regret it.

diana carter, CEO + Chief Copywriter at Carter House Copy

Jenni has been crucial to my real estate business from the very beginning. She guided me through the process of going from a sole proprietor to an S Corp, her processes in place make it super easy for me to provide her with what she needs, and she truly has been like an extension of my business - from monthly bookkeeping to quarterly taxes to end of year returns - her knowledge has helped me keep more money in my pocket which in turn has allowed my business to grow substantially! I literally can't do this without her!

Katie Brown,

I have been with Jenni since my business was a baby. When I came to Jenni my accounting, books, and finances were a mess. Jenni has helped get my books organized, put systems and processes into place, and helped with goal planning. We are excited to continue to grow with Jenni by our side!

amber cagle, 

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